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Managment of CJJIF




Executive Committee of CJJIF

Functions: The Executive Committee of CJJIF consists of the heads of the CJJIF functional committees and is headed by President of CJJIF! Executive Committee of CJJIF taking all major decisions on the current activities of CJJIF, develops a calendar of actions. Executive Committee of CJJIF, as a deliberative body, hears all the heads of committees CJJIF on areas of the activities and to ensure compliance with all of the decisions taken in the set period of time! At the Executive Committee of CJJIF assigned control functions for performance CJJIF management solutions!



* Honorary president CJJIF / President of Combat Ju-jutsu Pan-American Federation

Professor Tony Maynard (10 dan Combat Ju-Jutsu)



Kernersville, North Carolina, United States

* Head of Executive Committee - President of CJJIF

Vasiliev Nikolay (10 dan Combat Ju-Jutsu)




* General Secretary of CJJIF /

President of Combat Ju-Jutsu European Federation

Vladyslav Shypinskyi (8 dan Combat Ju-Jutsu)

-mail: /


Phone: +38-067-858-38-45

Kyiv, Ukraine


* Vice-president CJJIF / President of Combat ju-Jutsu Asian Federation

Adayev Ata (6 dan Combat Ju-Jitsu) / Turkmenistan

Phone: +993-658-58-78

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan


* CJJIF PanAmerica President:

Mr. Eusebio Rivera (7 dan Combat Ju-Jitsu) / Panama

Phone: +507 6665 6548

Facebook: Eusebio Rivera


San Miguelito, Panama


* Head of the Technikal Committee:

Robert Gale

8 Dan Combat ju-jutsu

7 Dan Small Circle Ju Jitsu

Phone: +1-510-914-7228


* Head of the Referee Committee

Mammadov Rasul (5 Dan Combat Ju-Jutsu)

Phone: +994 55 328 95 98

Baku, Azerbaijan


* Vice-President Central Asia

Mr. Kanat Tleumbetov (8 Dan Combat Ju-Jutsu. Kazakhstan)

Phone: 87013400039 / 87004662575.

Almaty, Kazakhstan


* Development Director Arabic states:

Sultan Elsayed (UAE)

Tel: +971 58 671 0571



* Vice-President Russia

Nurdin Eminov (8 dan Combat Ju-Jutsu)

+7(903) 423-20-62

Dagestan, Russia





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- Treasurer



- Head of Legal Services






















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